50 Years of Japanese Logotypes and Symbol Marks 日本のロゴ・マーク50年 - Edição Bilingue Japonês e Inglês

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Descrição da Editora (em Inglês):
From the first issue of the Japan Lettering & Typography Annual published in 1969 to Applied Typography 2019, this book showcases the 1000 best logos and symbols listed in all 50 issues. This book is the best archival reference and collector’s item tracing the transition and evolution of fifty years of Japanese logotypes and symbols. Experience this history and learn the latest in present-day Japanese typography.

Forward by Yoshimaru Takahashi (Board chairman of Japan Typography Association)

*Japan Typography Association : Taking over the Japan Lettering Association, founded in 1964, the Japan Typography Association(JTA) was established in 1971 to encourage the development of expressive techniques based on textual communication. Today, with an international membership, our diverse activities include programs and exhibitions to promote typography, and studies on intellectual property rights. Applied Typography is issued yearly by the Japan Typography Association. First launch1969 as the Japan Lettering Almanac and later renamed Applied Typography in 1976. The almanac has continued to record the history of excellence in typography.




Título Original: 日本のロゴ・マーク50年
Livro focado nas imagens, com poucos textos (legendas e uma introdução breve) em Japonês e em Inglês.

Dados do Produto:
ISBN: 9784756252937
Autor/Artista: Japan Typography Association
Idioma: Japonês
Editora: PIE International
1ª Edição: Fevereiro de 2020
Tipo: Livro
Capa: Capa Dura com Sobrecapa
Formato: 18 x 26cm, 480 páginas

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design 50 Years of Japanese Logotypes and Symbol Marks Japan Typography Association PIE International

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