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Japanese Grammar - A Workbook for Self-Study - Edição Japonesa

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Descrição da Editora (em Inglês):
If you've mastered the basics of Japanese grammar and are ready to move to the next level, this book is for you!
Each of the 12 chapters is devoted to one widely-used sentence structure and its variations. Chapters are broken down into the following easy-to-follow components:

- Clear presentation of model sentences.
- Breakdown and explanation of the grammar of key sentence patterns.
- Controlled practice exercises, such as filling in the blanks and imitating model sentences.
- Free practice exercises, using the target sentence structure to create your own sentences.
- Reading comprehension practice, of narrative text and dialogues, for consolidation.

Online audio files recorded by a native speaker are available for all key Japanese dialogues, and all texts are written in Japanese characters with romanized Japanese and English translation--making the book accessible even for students who have not yet mastered Japanese script. The book is illustrated throughout with drawings that reinforce the meaning of the written text.

Japanese Grammar: A Workbook for Self-Study is ideal for anyone studying for the JLPT N3 test, or the AP Japanese Language and Culture test. It is perfect for post-beginners who want to move quickly to the next level, and for intermediate students who want to review and perfect their grammar skills.

文法力強化を目指す、英語圏出身の日本語学習者向け教材です。本書では、日常会話力と読解力が身につく具体的な学習方法を紹介します。文型の分析と整理、穴埋め問題、文章作成、読解といった様々な練習問題をこなすことにより、文法力の強化を目指します。日本語能力試験N3、APテストに対応。既に日本語の基礎を理解している(日本語能力試験-JLPT N4相当)方で、さらなる上達を目指す方が対象です。北米、イギリス、オセアニア以外にも、英語が准公用語(フィリピンやインドなど)の出身者の方々にもオススメです。


谷守 正寛 甲南大学国際言語文化センター准教授。大阪大学文学研究科日本学科修士課程修了。主な著書に『Essential Japanese Grammar』(タトル出版)。

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Textos em Japonês e Inglês

Dados do Produto:
ISBN 9784805315682
Autor/Artista: Masahiro Tanimori
Idioma: Japonês, Inglês
Editora: Tuttle
1ª Edição: Abril de 2021
Tipo: Livro
Capa: Brochura
Formato: 19 x 26cm, 208 páginas

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